The Orchestra Reborn

Oberon Seating Guide


We know it can be a bit confusing to make sure you're sitting in the right spot to enjoy a night at Phoenix with your friends! Here's a bit more info about the types of seats we offer at Oberon. All seats at Oberon are General Admission for Phoenix events, allowing you to find your friends and sit with them as easily as possible. Just make sure you buy the same kind of seats!

Tables - $30

The premium Phoenix experience, these seats will get you as close to the action as possible. They're right on the floor with the orchestra and allow up to five people to sit around a table together and enjoy the concert! If you get there early and grab your spot you may literally be able to reach out and touch a performer (please don't though)!

Banquettes - $20 (Students $10)

These are the most comfortable seats in the house. The banquette booths can sit up to five people comfortably, and offer plenty of table space for drinks. You certainly won't be as close to the action as the table seats, but if comfort is your thing, this is the way to go! You also may get an up close view of some surprise action during the show...

Bar Stools - $20 (Students $10)

These barstool seats just to the left of the floor offer a great combination of view and price. In particular the first row of seats has a direct view of the orchestra, get there early to make sure you get the seat you want. The front row also offers a great little bar to keep your drink on while you take in the action.

Standing Room - $10 (Students $5)

Assuming you don't have a problem standing and moving around for awhile during the concert these tickets are a fantastic opportunity to get into the show at a minimum price. There are plenty of places to stand around the bar and on the sides of the hall that have a great view of the orchestra, and the $5 student tickets are an insane value!