The Orchestra Reborn

Robert Honstein

Conduit (2015)

14 Minutes
For Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, and Piano

1. Touch
2. Pulse
3. Send

About the Music

Boston-based Robert Honstein is a composer of orchestral, chamber, and vocal music.  He has been praised for his “glittery, percussive pieces” (Toronto Globe and Mail), and his music has been performed by leading orchestras and ensembles around the United States.  Honstein wrote Conduit as a part of Hand Eye, an evening-long collaboration between composer collective “Sleeping Giant” and the world-renowned contemporary sextet Eighth Blackbird.  For Conduit Honstein was influenced by an interactive sculpture “640 by 480” by digital artists Jamie Zingelbaum and Marcelo Coelho.  In the work, the human body serves as a conduit for digital messages.  Conduit is set in three movements—Touch, Pulse, Send—and it evokes the fundamental ways in which we as humans interact with our technological devices.

640 by 480 Images


Artist: Eight Blackbird
Album: Hand Eye
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