The Orchestra Reborn

Phoenix 101

What should I wear?

Going to a classical orchestra concert can be intimidating. Pops concerts have different dress codes than subscription concerts, and people wear different things to matinees than they wear to night concerts. At Phoenix we keep it simple: Most audience members dress just like any casual night out with friends, but you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! You'll see everything from t-shirts to suit jackets, though probably nothing much fancier than that.

Who should I bring?

Our mission at Phoenix is to make classical music accessible to everybody. Phoenix shows make for a fantastic night out with friends, so bring whoever you want! Our shows are general admission by section so if your friends all get table seats you can all get a table together, and if you all get bar stools you can all sit at the bar together! If you have questions about making sure you have enough space together before the concert don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Should I eat before I come?

We always serve drinks at Phoenix concerts. Whether wine, beer, or mixed drinks. On the good side we try to make snack food available but nothing that would constitute a whole meal. So, if you're thinking about dinner grab your friends and stop for dinner before or after the show!

Where should I sit?

Phoenix shows are general admission by section. Seating is determined by what kind of ticket you buy. You may have a table seat, which means you can sit at any of the tables, or a stool seat, which means you can sit at any of the stools. Get to the show when doors open, 30 minutes before the show starts, to get the best seats for your friends! Questions about which seats are the best for you? Drop us a line!

What else should I know?

People come to Phoenix shows to listen to amazing music, enjoy the company of great people, and meet the musicians! Chat with your friends, come talk to us at breaks, and enjoy the music.

You haven't answered my question!

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