The Orchestra Reborn

Jason Treuting

Extremes (2009)

For Percussion Quartet
5 Minutes

About the Music

An avid performer and composer, Jason Treuting is a founding member of the percussion ensemble So Percussion.  Treuting has composed many works for the ensemble including tonight’s Extremes, which is part of a larger evening length work called “Imaginary City” (Brooklyn Academy of Music’s 2009 Next Wave Festival).  Much of Treuting’s inspiration for composition comes from patterns that are found in language; he uses words as a basis for form and rhythmic structure.  In Extremes Treuting bases his form and rhythmic structure on a series of US cities; the result is an intricate four-part canon.  According to Treuting the parent work, “Imaginary City,” “is a meditation on urban life and its sounds, architecture, light, and color.”