The Orchestra Reborn
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Program Guide

Welcome to Radiances!

As the night progresses go in depth with every piece on the program by clicking on the images below!

Jeffrey Mumford’s of radiances blossoming in expanding air… is supported by generous assistance by the following sponsors:

Cricket Foundation
Regina Kessler
Zona Hostetler
Ann & Harry Santen

Washington Conservatory Consortium:

Walter Douglas, Bonnie Jo Dopp & Peter Hurley, Philip Berlin, Marianna Bettman, Larry & Arlene Dunn, Pamela Johnson, Eric & Susan Kisch, Mika Hornyak, Wanda Hale & Michael White, Susan Ketcham, Kenneth Fain, Katherine & Yanick Lapuh, Anne & Toby Seggerman, Otho Eskin, Fred Weck

All Program Notes by Christina Dioguardi