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Phoenix shows are all about classical music combined with an atmosphere that welcomes audiences new and old. We play present music in an approachable fashion so that listeners can enjoy works they’ve heard a hundred times, or fall in love with pieces that they’ve never heard before. Bring a friend, grab a drink, and join us for an amazing night!


Our shows are curated to highlight the masterworks of the classical music world combined with music so new the ink literally just finished drying. We are dedicated to programming music by composers from a wide breadth of backgrounds and sharing important voices from all races, genders, and creeds with our audiences. At Phoenix, inclusivity and new music are essential pieces of DNA that make our programs unforgettable.


We believe that everybody should feel welcome to experience classical music. Concerts shouldn’t be limited to sitting in a seat and absorbing music, which is why our shows are are designed to be amazing nights out with great people and fantastic music. We serve drinks whenever possible, and never expect our audience to have prerequisite knowledge about the music we play. If you’ve never been to a classical music concert before, you absolutely should go to one, and it should absolutely be a Phoenix show! If you go to Symphony Hall all the time, you should come too! We love meeting our audiences and stick around after every show to grab drinks with whoever stays behind.


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