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Picking the Fugues

For the longest time, something was missing from the program for Phoenix’s planned Season 4 subscription concert, called The Art of Rhythm. We were incredibly privileged to be featuring Maria Finkelmeier and the world premier of her Daft & Gritty for Chamber Orchestra. But we needed another musical something to tie it all together...

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The Fields - Recording Recommendations!

Getting a head start on your Fields listening? We've got you covered.

This is an odd post. After all, one of the missions of Phoenix is to eliminate prerequisites for coming to classical music concerts. You don't HAVE to know any of the music we're playing to enjoy it, and we'll help you get to know it during the show. That being said, we do get a lot of requests from people looking to listen to music ahead of time OR trying to find great recordings of pieces they loved after the show.


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Well hey! Welcome back. It’s been awhile. I had to look it up, but we last posted on our blog in Season 2, almost exactly a year ago. As I write this the last show of Season 3 (Our Spring show, The Fields, May 11th) is just a few short weeks away. A LOT has happened since that last post.

So, why did we stop blogging? And why are we starting again now?


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