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Well hey! Welcome back. It’s been awhile. I had to look it up, but we last posted on our blog in Season 2, almost exactly a year ago. As I write this the last show of Season 3 (Our Spring show, The Fields, May 11th) is just a few short weeks away. A LOT has happened since that last post.

So, why did we stop blogging? And why are we starting again now?

Honestly? I’m asking myself the same things. The simple answer is, like most blogs in the world… We forgot to blog. The long answer is that this blog is indicative of the journey we’ve been on these first three years, and where we’ve arrived at the end of the Season 3

Phoenix - Season 1

Phoenix - Season 1

The first season of Phoenix was filled with questions: Who are we? What are we doing? How are we going to do it? We experimented a lot and, frankly, overthought everything. We were reasonably anxious about being the new kids on the block, especially in a city with enough orchestras to fill a state.

Season 2 saw expansion and focus. We added a show (expanding from two to three), and worked on refining our events and identity. We eliminated unnecessary tasks from our schedule and concentrated on reusing materials and templates from show to show to reduce costs and workloads, making a three show season possible for an administration with members who have at least one, if not two, full-time pursuits outside of Phoenix.

Phoenix - Season 2

Phoenix - Season 2

By the beginning of Season 3 we’d grown up, but still faced new challenges. Season 3 has had a scrunched schedule. Because of venue availability we started the season in late November, instead of mid-October. Not only that, but we expanded our season again, this time to four shows. So rather than the three shows in seven months of Season 2, we now had four shows in six months.

Despite those obstacles, Season 3 has been a finely tuned season of confidence. The questions of Season 1 finally seem to have answers. We know who we are, we know what we’re doing, and we know how to do it. I’ll admit, though, that as we’ve gone through the process of honing our craft, we’ve lost sight of some things. This blog, and the behind the scenes personality it brings with it, is one of those things.

Another? Dreaming big. A couple of months ago I was looking at some meeting notes from our first season. There were long lists of creative ideas for events that we wanted to pursue, from times when we sat around tables in coffee shops and living rooms and challenged each other for new ideas.

Phoenix - Season 3

Phoenix - Season 3

At a recent meeting I blocked off a half hour of time and challenged our administration and players, myself included, to start dreaming again. Within minutes the ideas bouncing around the room filled a notepad sheet. Our minds were overflowing with ideas we’d tucked in the back of our heads as we’d focused on executing a four show season.

The good news is that the confidence we’ve gained allows us to get back to the some of the things that have lapsed while we were busy gaining it. We’re getting back to blogging, and we’re getting back to dreaming. And as excited as I am to share those dreams with you next season, I’m just as excited to share this blog with you again.

In the lead up to The Fields on May 11th stay tuned here for behind the scenes insights from the musicians of Phoenix. This Summer we’ll wax poetic with fleeting nostalgia about the third season we neglected to blog about, share our Summer travels with you, and look forward to Season 4 and the new ideas that come with it. We hope you’ll stick with us on this journey as we build on the foundation we’ve established these first three years. None of it would have been possible without you.

See you soon!

Matt Szymanski,
Music Director

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