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Re-introducing... Joey Gotoff!

Joey Gotoff's profile is now up!

Are you looking forward to the upcoming concert, Euphoria, on April 12th? I sure am! Rehearsals have begun, and I personally am excited about the program of Haydn, Prokofiev, Elgar (!!!), and Enescu. The Arts at the Armory will be a new venue for us, and it'll be fun meeting our audience there, up close and personal!

Shall I mention that we have some special surprises in store... ufufu.

Joey's a good friend of mine, and a remarkable colleague. His passion for music is heard in both his playing and in conversation. A current DMA candidate at the New England Conservatory, Joey has a lot to say, from discussing the personal life of Mendelssohn to bringing performance confidence to middle schoolers at the school he teaches.

He gave us really awesome answers to our silly profile questions, so we had to cut it down, but... if you see him, ask him anything! I'm sure you'll leave with a new piece of knowledge and a new source of inspiration every time.

Zenas Hsu

You can check out Joey's profile here!

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