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Re-introducing... Maya Jacobs!

Maya Jacobs' profile is now up!

A concert is coming up, and we've named it Euphoria! We're excited to post in the coming weeks in anticipation of the concert (and explain our name!), and are also very much excited to see you there!

I'd like to meanwhile introduce a new profile update, for Maya Jacobs. Maya is one of our viola sentinels of the orchestra - always there and ready to bring her passion for music to Phoenix.

Maya in fact holds a special place in Matt Szymanski’s, our director, memories of Phoenix’s birth nearly a year and a half ago. At the risk of making this post a profile-question-ception, I asked him a couple questions…
[edited from a phone call interview]

What is Maya’s role in Phoenix?

Maya has been there through the very first meetings. She was instantly receptive of the entire idea and really excited about it! At the time, she was in the middle of planning a formal dance thing at NEC, and that translated into, in addition to all of the musical things, being excited about the unique venues we were dealing with.
She has a strong knack for building relationships, and is incredibly passionate about venues and what unique flavors they can bring to the experience.

How did you two meet?

Maya was one of the first people I met at NEC, in 2009. We became friends when she started playing in the lab orchestra.
I used to make fun of her because I thought the pomegranate was a late emerging fruit in popularity, but she said that they've had pomegranates everywhere back in Israel. We'd walk around in grocery stores and I'd make a point to say "Maya. Pomegranate" every time we walked by the produce section.


One of the things that does excite me at every Phoenix meeting and planning committee is the attentiveness to the audience and location of our performances. We’ve played at a club, complete with disco ball hanging from the ceiling. We've played at an old church-turned-theater, complete with a built-in bar, and we’re playing at a historic, literal armory, this April. Maya, keep digging up those venues!


You can check out Maya's profile here!

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