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Re-introducing... Lizzie Burns!

Lizzie Burn's profile is now up!

Hey everyone, Zenas here.

In college, I had a fair perception that bassists were looming figures who, apart from having deep voices and a laidback perspective on life, made my neck strain just to see them eye to eye. I hold a fun little theory that as we grow up as musicians, the register in which we make music affect our personality and outlook in life. Violinists, high-strung. Basses... real chill and groovy.

I first got to know Lizzie at a summer festival, where we performed several pieces together. Since then, Lizzie has become a personal epitome of not just an ensemble musician, but a chamber musician as well. Her particular taste for a sound that both rocks as much as it cushions, and her thirst for chemistry in performing together, has made me a fan - not just of her, but also the unique artistry of combining the highest-register string instrument with the lowest.

As a bass player in Phoenix, Lizzie really brings us together, especially in chamber music settings. Her broad perspective on making music together keeps us focused, positive, and trusting. - but how about we hear from Lizzie and ask her the questions instead?

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