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One of the key features that we at Phoenix want to emphasize is the chance for everyone to meet our musicians, face to face, on a personal level - it's quite the vertical drop from stage to audience floor, and a labyrinth from stage, to backstage, to hallways and stairs, to the lobby.

That's why we perform in venues such as Oberon and Villa Victoria. Our listeners can sit at tables placed all around the ensemble. A bar is open for the duration of the concert, and laughing and cheering is encouraged.

As our first concert starts to peek around the horizon the the next week, on January 26th, 2016, at Oberon, we figured this would be a great time to virtually feature three of our musicians in Phoenix (including yours truly). We asked them silly questions, and they were willing! You can find their spanking new profiles in the links below, or under About->Players

Zenas Hsu. That's me?

I-Jung Huang played in our last concert, and enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Phoenix members!

Steadily holding it down in administrative support, Michael Dahlberg also performs as a cellist in Phoenix, and recently let it rip at a pop-up solo feature at the Villa Victoria concert last November.

See you all soon!


Zenas Hsu

P.S. Wait, why is Zenas on this blog? Janny Joo, associate concertmaster, and I, have taken up the roles of Phoenix's PR Codirectors. We're super eager and excited to be introducing new features and fun things to y'all in the weeks to come, and as this new year comes along!

Your new PR Codirectors, enjoying Boston's cold weather. Indoors.

Your new PR Codirectors, enjoying Boston's cold weather. Indoors.

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