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Countdown to Ignite: 10 days to go!

Like most people living in Boston, I never thought this winter would end; however, Mother Nature seems to have given us a break, just in time for the Countdown to Ignite!  When I was asked to join the Phoenix team, March seemed so very far away, and I cannot believe after all this time we are less than two weeks out.  I know all of us at Phoenix are unbelievably excited to share our vision with you!

When Matt and I discussed my role in the Phoenix Administration it became immediately clear that I would take on an organizational role. For as long as I can remember, my life has consisted of to-do lists, post-its, highlighters, alphabetized bookshelves and obsessively organized calendars.  As the Administrative Director here at Phoenix, my main role in preparation for our Ignite event has been two fold.  The first part involves scheduling, but my other role has been keeping in contact with all of incredibly generous supporters.

Back in January we launched our Kickstarter Campaign with the goal of raising $7,000 in a mere 30 days.  This seemed like a lofty achievement, and left a lot of us obsessively refreshing the Kickstarter page in the hopes that we had reached our goal.  A day before the Kickstarter ended, Matt and I were doing administrative work at Render Coffee (which as many of you already know is a Phoenix favorite!) when a donation came in that pushed us within $75 on our goal.  It was about 45 minutes after I left that I got a text from Matt saying we were funded!  It truly was a team effort and thanks to the incredible work of our whole team and the astonishing support of our backers we were able to surpass our goal.  Although I have contacted all of our donors personally, I would like to publically say Thank You to all of you for believing in Phoenix we cannot wait to see many of you at the Ignite event!

Over the past several weeks I have spent my time drawing up spreadsheets (color coded of course!) in order to organize all of the donor rewards, and I am happy to announce that we are in the process of working with our designer, Jason Robb, on creating the Phoenix logo so that we can order our merchandise and send the rewards to our backers.  I assure you that although it may take a few weeks, it will definitely be worth the wait!  Just look at how excited we are!

Right now our main focus is filling Oberon to capacity, so please if you haven’t already, buy your tickets to Ignite!  You can buy tickets directly through Oberon. We are even selling student tickets for only $10 so grab your friends and come find out what Phoenix is all about! Stay tuned for our next installment of Countdown to Ignite and find out why Oberon is the perfect place for us!