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The Beginning of Something New

Welcome to the Phoenix Blog! Don’t worry if you’re confused, it’s my first time here too.

If you’ve perused around the Phoenix site a bit you may have noticed we’re trying to do things a little differently. We feel strongly about a lot of things. One of them is that audiences don’t have as many chances to get to know orchestras as they should. We’re doing a lot of things to try to give you unprecedented access to what goes on behind the scenes and this is another door for that access.

So what will you find here?

Beginning next week, I’ll be writing a series of posts on how we got where we are. Starting with a late night conversation with a couple of friends in April, to our first meetings as a group in September, to putting together our first big project in October, and beyond. You’ll get a all-access look at why we’re doing this, how we’re doing this, every decision we’ve made along the way. Even how we decided the very blog you’re reading right now should exist. EVEN HOW WE DECIDED THIS POST SHOULD EXIST. That’s pretty meta, right?

Scattered in-between those posts will be posts from other members of Phoenix on a whole slew of topics. Technology in the concert hall, the importance of modern music, movie soundtracks, even I’m not entirely sure what they’ll write about, but I know I’m waiting with baited breath to read what they’re cooking up.

Why? The members of Phoenix are an incredible bunch. As musicians, they represent the best orchestra I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The level of musical talent in their ranks is simply astronomical (and on display in the audio recording of Carmen Prelude on this site, rehearsed and recorded in just a half hour).

But even more importantly, as people, they represent the greatest colleagues one could ever ask to work with. The diverse skills they bring to the table and their passion for this project have been the greatest sources of joy in my life for the last year. I can’t wait to see what they have to say.

If you’re excited for the next blog post and other updates about the orchestra take a second to subscribe to our newsletter. We have huge things planned for the coming weeks. This is all just the beginning of something very big and we hope you’ll come along with us for the ride.

- Matt

Matt Szymanski