The Orchestra Reborn


Paula Robison on Halil

A towering presence in the international flute community, the magical Paula Robison needs no introduction to Boston audiences. Her storied career as performer, mentor, and artistic trailblazer stands alongside any other in classical music, as well as her reputation for being an amazing person.

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The Art of Rhythm - Further Listening

Coming off of our show, "The Art of Rhythm," I wanted to be sure our audience had even more amazing music to listen to in the coming week. I reached out to Music Director, Matt Szymanski, for some thoughts on what tunes people might love based on whatever pieces they enjoyed at our show. Here's what he said.

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Maria Finkelmeier on her Daft & Gritty

Hello fellow Friends of Phoenix! We continue our preview of Phoenix's bombastic upcoming show, "The Art of Rhythm," with an in-depth look at featured soloist Maria Finkelmeier! She is pulling double-duty as performer AND composer this time around, having arranged her own Daft and Gritty for Chamber Orchestra for the occasion. This technically makes it a world premiere, which we're super pumped about (it's not every day you get to bring a new piece into the world, after all).  

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